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  • Flag Pole Kits

    Our Flag Pole Kits are easy to use, easy to remove and can be used time and again. Please call the sales team on 01633 890 910.

  • SK311, SK313, SK314 and SK324 - General Purpose Kits

    Spirafix Anchor Kit with 90° brackets - 4 piecesThese are regularly used for securing timber framed outdoor play equipment. The anchors are easy to fit, only requiring to be driven down by the side of each timber leg, then bolting the bracket to the...

  • SK687 - Spirafix Caravan Kit

    SK687 - Spirafix Caravan Kit

    The caravan kit (SK687) has been designed to be all you need in one simple package - 4 x SF50-10-0490B type anchors which have a single hole head and 4 each of shackles, chains and buckles. Additional details can be found on our uses page...