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  • SA670 - Spirafix Test Rig SA670 - Spirafix Test Rig

    SA670 - Spirafix Test Rig

    The Spirafix Load Test Rig has been specifically designed and developed for use with Spirafix Ground Anchors. However we have successfully used this rig to test other types of ground anchoring methods including rebar and scaffolding tube to name a few.It...

  • SA727, SA728, SA729 - Hammers

    SA727, SA728, SA729 - Hammers

    A range of hammers is available - from lump hammers to sledge hammers.Always protect the anchor head with a hammer cap.

  • SA616 - Post Driver

    SA616 - Post Driver

    The Spirafix SA616, hand held petrol post driver is easy to use and easy to transport. Comes with a Spirafix Ground Anchor adaptor which makes it ready right out of the box, great for our medium and larger anchor ranges.  

  • SA535 - Slide Hammer

    SA535 - Slide Hammer

    The Spirafix slide hammer for use with our fantastic spiral anchors - please select the correct size hammer.  

  • Hydraulic Post Driver

    Hydraulic Post Driver

    This hydraulic post driver is second to none when installing larger numbers of our bigger anchors.  

  • SA893 - Locking pin for 50mm anchors SA893 - Locking pin for 50mm anchors

    SA893 - Locking pin for 50mm anchors

    For additional secure fixing of your Spirafix Ground Anchor and to be used in conjunction with the SA892 locking hub for 50mm anchors.    

  • SA872 - 50mm base plate strap

    SA872 - 50mm base plate strap

    A specially designed strap to fit with any number of standard base plates which are used for temporary structures. The strap allows users to take advantage of a range of installation options. Easy to use, easy to remove and completely reusable.Above all...