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About Us

What is MSA?
MSA Industries is an established manufacturer of high quality Arrowhead Earth Anchoring and Ground Anchoring products and accessories for the military, commercial and residential markets. Our proven anchor designs combine superior holding, ease of installation and dependability at an affordable cost.

We pride ourselves on greater customer service, fast shipping and competitive pricing and believe no order is too big or too small with shipping available worldwide.

Our attitude towards our customers has helped us to form relationships with whom we do business with continuously and we go to great lengths for our new customers to ensure they succeed in their business ventures with our products holding steady behind them.

We manufacture premium Ground Anchors and Earth Anchors for Our Military, Commercial, Shelter-Building Applications, Business and Home Owners alike – our research labs continuously develop new solutions to keep pace with the changing needs of our Valued Customers like you! If you don’t see what you need; please contact us. We are always willing to customize anything you may need.

located in Alexander City Alabama, we manufacture the famous “Arrowhead” Earth Anchors that range in size from 2” to 17”; we also offer the “Arrowhead” line of tree guying kits, along with the universal kits.

We are ready to consult on any project requiring a proper anchoring system. Please call us for a free consultation. Installation and “Pull out Resistance Testing” is available. Our trained crews will install and Dynamometer Test Resistance to required loads.

We have in-house Machining and Assembly capabilities that allow us to quickly and efficiently customize any request. Our company is able to provide the Arrowhead style Earth Anchoring Systems that have been field proven for over 40 years. Our lineage is derived from providing the very best earth anchors available to our military. The variety of uses for our anchors is extensive.

Implementation of our anchors will allow you to:

REDUCE INSTALLATION COSTS One man can drive the Arrowhead Earth Anchor to the desired depth, with manual or hand-held power tools. The Arrowhead Earth Anchor does not require any costly digging, sophisticated machinery or excessive manpower.

INCREASE INSTALLATION SUCCESS RATE Arrowhead Earth Anchors can penetrate even the stiffest, rockiest soils because the unique triangular design tends to thread its way between obstacles, which frequently prevent successful installation of other ground anchors.

OPTIMIZE FIELD FLEXIBILITY Arrowhead Earth Anchors promote quick and easy adjustment to unexpected field conditions. An extra 12 inches of installation depth can often mean a 20% increase in holding power. A cluster of smaller Arrowhead Earth Anchors can offer performance comparable to a very large auger, “deadman” or expansion anchor. This can eliminate a trip for the larger anchor no one thought they’d need. Also, several smaller size Arrowhead Anchors and the installation tools can be easily hand carried into areas inaccessible to the equipment required to install large augers or “deadmen”.

MAXIMIZE HOLDING POWER Soil strength is the major determinant of ground anchoring strength, and soil disturbance during installation greatly reduces any anchors holding power. A major advantage to the Arrowhead Earth Anchor is that they can be installed with up to six times less soil disturbance than other ground anchors.

TEST PROVEN DEPENDABILITY Arrowhead Earth Anchors have met the test of actual use, and their performance record is backed by independent engineering analysis. Military Specification MIL-A-3962E is specifically devoted to the Arrowhead Earth Anchor. Please see “Mil-A-3962E.


Team MSA