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Titan Post Drivers

Driving a post down into the ground is extremely hard work. The force needed is great enough that a sledgehammer is often required, and as we all know, that can get tiring rather quickly. Thankfully, Milspec Anchors offers an alternative to all of that strenuous work: the Titan post driver. These post driving machines will, once properly set up, pound the ground post into the soil for you; this saves you time and effort all at once. Titan post anchor installation is a snap with these earth anchor drivers. If you have a post driving project coming up, get in touch with Milspec Anchors to purchase a Titan post driver today!



    1,500-2,000 beats-per-minute   Weighs 28 pounds making it the lightest gas-powered driver available   Powered by 1.2 horsepower, 4-stroke HONDA engine   100% self-contained   Handles are...

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  • Titan PGD3200

    Titan PGD3200

    3¼" barrel   Drives posts from 2" to 3⅛" in diameter   2" adapter sleeve included for 1" to 2" posts   1,850 beats-per-minute   Weighs 45 pounds   Powered by 1.3...

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