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75mm Ground Anchors

  • SA705 - 75mm triple slot bracket

    SA705 - 75mm triple slot bracket

    The Spirafix SA705 is a simple and highly effective x3 slot bracket. Simply hammer the helical anchors down through each slot. The bracket is specifically designed to drive anchors away from each other therefore overcoming any potential impact of the...

  • SA669 - 75mm hammer / protective cap

    SA669 - 75mm hammer / protective cap

    This Spirafix hammer cap - or 'protective cap' is designed for Spirafix 75 mm anchors to ensure the thread and the head are undamaged during installation.

  • Anchor - 75mm AC Type

    Anchor - 75mm AC Type

    The Spirafix 75mm anchors are manufactured with an M24 threaded head. This is currently the biggest anchor we produce - with the longest anchor having a potential of 8200 KG tensile loading. This anchor is currently being used for scaffolding...