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Installation / Removal Tools

  • SA727, SA728, SA729 - Hammers

    SA727, SA728, SA729 - Hammers

    A range of hammers is available - from lump hammers to sledge hammers.Always protect the anchor head with a hammer cap.

  • SA616 - Post Driver

    SA616 - Post Driver

    The Spirafix SA616, hand held petrol post driver is easy to use and easy to transport. Comes with a Spirafix Ground Anchor adaptor which makes it ready right out of the box, great for our medium and larger anchor ranges.  

  • SA535 - Slide Hammer

    SA535 - Slide Hammer

    The Spirafix slide hammer for use with our fantastic spiral anchors - please select the correct size hammer.  

  • Hydraulic Post Driver

    Hydraulic Post Driver

    This hydraulic post driver is second to none when installing larger numbers of our bigger anchors.  

  • SA422, SA423, SA424 - Removal spanner

    SA422, SA423, SA424 - Removal spanner

    A really useful product for the quick removal of the Spirafix Ground Anchor - simple to use and protects the head of the anchor.Suitable for threaded and solid head anchors - AC and C type.If additonal leverage is required (very dry, hard ground...